Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dr. Boyce: Coaches Charged for Arranging for Teen’s Beating–The Story of Bullying in the Hood


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  1. Every time I read about the senseless brutality and the horrid deaths of urban youths I wonder what can we do? I believe that professional athletes are role models and they are so young when they turn professional so they do not always make wise choices, role models are the best thing for youths, and if they continually turn to who?? doing what??!! Do these youths have any incentive to learn when violence and drugs are sensationalized in music, movies and everywhere! To change this direction,we are up against the most gigantic odds ! Just funneling money into education will not prevent this from happening. We need to look at strong families and POSITIVE MALE role models! This coach should be fired and never work with children again! How sad.