Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dr. Boyce Watkins on Twitter – 9/22/10

  1. A young black female politician named Natasha Pettigrew was killed this week - very sad: 9 hours ago via web
    • OK - the article I wrote on AOL Black Voices about Bishop Eddie Long's sex scandal has gotten 3,500 readers in the past 45 minutes...hmmmabout 14 hours ago via web
      • Bishop Eddie Long accused of coercing young men into sex: 16 hours ago via web
        • Black woman says she's tired of defending Obama: 20 hours ago via web
          • Black celebs can learn a lot from Lady Gaga: 21 hours ago via web
            • Broncos player Kenny McKinley found dead: PM Sep 20th via web
              • Are Americans responsible for making our politician's dishonest? PM Sep 20th via web
                • CNN's Black in America gets it completely wrong when it comes to the black white wealth gap: PM Sep 20th via web
                  • Jamilah B. Creekmur's book, Raised by the Mistress: AM Sep 20th via web
                    • Today Show guest Robert Plant refers to blues as "Spook Music"? PM Sep 19th via web
                      • Former coach says Reggie Bush looks like an idiot: PM Sep 18th via web
                        • Police confirm that woman blamed black woman, but actually threw acid on her own face: PM Sep 16th via web
                          • A 14-year old boy in Chicago was killed in a drive-by shooting: PM Sep 16th via web
                            • NFL lockout is on the horizon - black athletes beware! AM Sep 16th via web
                              • Did this woman throw acid on her own face and say a black woman did it? PM Sep 15th via web
                                • "Raised by the Mistress" is a book about a woman who was raised by a woman in a relationship with a married man: PM Sep 15th via web
                                  • What's wrong with hip hop? This panel helps us to figure that out: AM Sep 15th via web
                                    • Varnette Honeywood, artist for the Cosby Show, dies at 59: AM Sep 15th via web
                                      • I am glad to see that Reggie Bush gave back the Heisman Trophy: AM Sep 15th via web
                                        • Dr. Christopher Metzler and I on CNBC: PM Sep 14th via web


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