Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Recent News about Elena Kagan and the "Harvard-Yaleification" of the Supreme Court

Huffington Post
5 hours ago - Politics
Dr Boyce Watkins Five Reasons Why Elena Kagan (news article)

Dr. Boyce Watkins: Five Reasons Why Elena Kagan Is Bad for Black People and America
I don't have an agenda other than one which represents the people who support me. My supporters are...

3 days ago - US
The Harvard Yalification Of The Supreme Court (news article)

The Harvard-Yalification Of The Supreme Court
If Elena Kagan is confirmed to a seat on the Supreme Court, it will lead to an Ivy League clean...

Huffington Post
4 days ago - Politics
HUFFPOST HILL MAY 14 2010 (news article)

Crude continues to foul up the waters of the Gulf Coast but at least D.C.'s won't taste like chlorine...

6 days ago - US
Kagan selection shows Ivy roots run deep at (news article)

Kagan selection shows Ivy roots run deep at high court
WASHINGTON — Ivy has twirled itself around the marble columns of the Supreme Court like some...

Huffington Post
6 days ago - Politics
Bradley Bloch Want SCOTUS seat Plan (news article)

Bradley W. Bloch: Want a SCOTUS seat? Plan in High School, Before It's Too Late
As David Bernstein was quick to point out on the Volokh Conspiracy, Elena Kagan's confirmation will...

1 week ago - Front Page
Another Ivy Leaguer Other Schools Do Exist (news article)

Another Ivy Leaguer? Other Schools Do Exist
The Supreme Court and White House may as well be decorated in ivy, complains David Bernstein. "Once...

Huffington Post
1 week ago - Politics
Charles Ellison Supreme Okie Doke (news article)

Charles D. Ellison: Supreme Okie Doke
We should expect the usual lights, camera and dull action during this Supreme Court nomination...

Huffington Post
1 week ago - Politics
White House Contrasts Kagan Resume With Rehnquist (news article)

White House Contrasts Kagan's Resume With Rehnquist's
Administration officials are pushing back at criticism that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan lacks...

Politics Daily
1 week ago - Politics
Elena Kagan Obama Inevitable Court Choice She (news article)

Elena Kagan: Obama's Inevitable Court Choice (She's Harvard)
Filed under: Supreme Court, Elena Kagan If Kagan is confirmed, the Supreme Court will be all...

Huffington Post
1 week ago - Politics
Elena Kagan Nomination Expect Fight In The (news article)

Elena Kagan Nomination: Expect A Fight In The Senate
"I think it's a home run." That was the reaction of David Greenberg, professor of history and...

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